【Stay Home Visit Us Later | ITO City, Shizuoka, Japan 】静岡県伊東市メッセージ動画



伊東市は 観光事業者をはじめとする市民の皆様




STAY HOME」(今は家にいてください)というメッセージを伝えています。

今は自分のため、 皆様の大切な人のために、 その場にとどまってください。

大室山や城ケ崎海岸等の自然 色々な体験ができる観光施設

新鮮でおいしい海の幸 伊東にあるもの全てが その場に在り続けます。

落ち着いたらゆっくりと遊びに来てください。 最高のおもてなで皆様をお迎えします。

In order to think of lives of citizens, the local people engaged in tourism,

tourists who have been visited and who will come to Ito in future as the first priority,

we convey a clear message, “STAY HOME”. For a while, please stay safe for yourself and your loved ones.

Everything in Ito such as beautiful Mount Omuro, Jogasaki Coast,

tourist attractions where you can have many good experiences,

and fresh delicious seafood will continue to be here.

When the coronavirus situation has settled down, please visit us and take your time.

We would welcome you with the best “Omotenashi”.